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 "Our Mission
is to increase Revenue
through Sales Excellence,
empowering our clients to
achieve significant and sustainable

About Us


We have done it, again and again, as front-line Managers responsible for the top and bottom line.
We have acted around the globe, understanding that each market and organization ticks differently and finding and implementing the right solution to each case.

Working as consultants now, our mission is to help your organization, with solutions that work, to increase revenue and achieve significant and sustainable change.

We approach business from the Sales Excellence side, but we also understand well Strategy, Marketing and how all functions interact.
Sales, as all functions, have become more data driven; structured approaches must complement the emotional capabilities of your sales force. Decisive adjustments are needed to repurpose investments where they bring the maximum effect. We know what Sales Excellence is, in both strategic as well as in operational level. Find out more, here.

For example, Innovation launches are a powerful vehicle to grow. To reach new customers. See here how our solution maximizes Sales’ contribution.

If you have also identified a market opportunity, we will provide solid insights and actionable recommendations to help you navigate in uncharted waters. Internationally. Most probably we have already worked in that market.
We also offer the option to supercharge an existing market by applying a robust, tested approach to provide transparency of the key topics and together with the local team we will agree on a solid action plan to fuel growth. Here is more on our robust process.

Our experience is with B2B and FMCG and we are considered the Experts in Distributor and Wholesaler Management.

Entrust us your more complex and impactful problem or opportunity and we will work side by side with your teams to solve it!
You can reach Manolis Lekkas at +30 6936616118 or +49 1775002727

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