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Leadership signNowadays, it’s all about leadership; a word that did not exist in the business vocabulary ten years ago. How is leadership expressed in Sales? In an area where personalities are praised and relations are worshiped? How can people build and express their leadership qualities? What to develop when moving from a first line role to a senior team-leading role? What habits to adopt? How to manage your superiors and inspire customers and colleagues? How does gender, race or religion play a role in sales leadership?
Facts and stories to help you grow your leadership You.

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We are entering a new stormy era. Action is urgently needed for Sales! Read my article of how to best respond as a sales leader.
  The facts1 are compelling: only 2 out of 10 leading positions in sales are occupied by women! This compares with close to 50% in finance, communications, customer service, and HR functions. Why is that and what can be done to increase diversity with all its undisputable benefits?
SALES vs. MARKETING Series. Posts comparing how these two disciplines approach a similar commercial topic.       Find out the key elements of leading effectively a Sales team and compare with those of a Marketing team. The same general Leadership principles apply but there are distinctive differences, which one must master, especially when a new role demands to manage or interact closely with these disciplines.