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One of the most important and neglected areas of sales! Discounts and Trade terms are granted to customers without much thought, long price wars are fought without counting the resources wasted, price increases delayed due to fear of losing sales. In times where cost cutting has been exercised for so many years, better pricing can bring immediate improvements to the bottom line.

In Pricing we cover.
• Strategies on price positioning to maximize profitability
• Promotional design and intensity to achieve strategic goals minimizing margin erosion
• Global versus local pricing
• Pricing for Key Accounts and negotiations
• Pricing KPIs
• Revenue models based on pricing alternatives


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Exploding commodity and energy prices have been giving headaches to manufacturers and distributors of food, agricultural and building products and many more industries. Supply shortages have turn headaches to sleepless nights. Finance is screaming at Sales to take a grip on Sales’ biggest fear: Price increases.

How to select a pricing optimization software and then implement dynamic pricing is art and science combined.

Each of the following case studies will help you understand how the specific needs of each industry were satisfied, resulting in a decisive advantage for each company. They will expand your horizon, beyond the widely known cases of B2C in retail business.

Pricing is at the very heart of digital transformation. As businesses become faster and more virtual, prices more transparent and costs more volatile, the best way to reverse eroding margins is through more intelligent and more focused Pricing. Read how Data and AI will fuel dynamic pricing, a must to comprehend.

As it seems, Price Wars are inevitable. Are there ways to avoid them (pre- price war phase) or terminate them in case they have already started? What are the pricing actions or non –price actions that could be taken to successfully face such a war? Are there ways to come out of that battle even stronger?

Find out why it is inevitable to get involved in a price war in the near future, (if you are not already caught in one), and learn how to deal with it.