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Friday, 15 October 2021 06:56


The transformation of B2B companies presents a bigger potential than B2C. There is an urgent need to modernize Sales and Pricing processes using data and analytics.

 It is estimated that B2B digital leaders achieve up to five times the revenue growth and up to eight times the EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) growth of their peers.
Research repeatedly reveals that for simple or repeat purchases of products and services, the vast majority of buyers (up to 85 percent) do not require in-person support.
There is an urgent need to modernize core commercial processes, such as sales and pricing, with data and analytics, to improve performance. Rethinking of the customer journey and how to adapt the organization to best serve them is also crucial.
Here are some areas where NextInSales® can help:

Sales Force Excellence
Procedures and Tools aimed at a systematic sales steering.

Sales Excellence enStrategic planning of the Sales Force, i.e. number and type of sales executives and technicians, optimal resource allocation and area alignment, resources to be allocated between in-the-field and the back-office, connect distinctive business needs to serve customers with the corresponding sales skills

Sales Efficiency and Performance Optimization i.e. which KPIs to be followed, Customer Management, Data Analysis and Reports, Remuneration and Incentives aligned with company goals and sales strategy

Functional alignment within the organization: Ensure that at the very least, Sales, Marketing and Technical Support operate seamlessly. Extend the reach to Procurement, Supply chain and Finance and Controlling to ensure maximum Sales ROI.

Launch Maximization new

Launch maximization
New launches are the golden opportunity to up your game. To reach new customers and increase your share of wallet to existing ones. However, often innovations are wasted and serve to substitute existing sales and split the same revenue.

There is huge hidden value in the way Marketing and Sales jointly operate
a) to train sales forces to use the same language to communicate the agreed benefits,
b) to ensure that sales material is designed with effective application in the field,
c) to set targets which are based on meaningful introduction deals, include targeting the right customer base,
d) to adapt sales incentives to ensure high sales force engagement and
e) design smart reports to provide easy and effective follow up, from the first line to the senior management.

Do not miss this opportunity to start a new virtuous cycle of successes, boost the morale of the teams and skyrocket the ROI of the new launches you plan.

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