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Friday, 15 October 2021 06:57


While expanding their digital capabilities, insurers need to adjust their face2face channels for effective, empathetic, personalized service. A true omnichannel customer journey.

The arrival of price comparison websites and the outburst of Covid has accelerated the digital transformation of insurers.

However, the sales agent pillar remains key to provide the crucial empathetic and personalized service and individualized pricing customers want.
Integrating physical and digital channels is a must.

Cross-selling and upselling can reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 50%, generate 5 to 10% of new premiums and reduce customer churn by up to 30%.
Advanced analytics on their customer base and digital leads will supporter their efforts.

We can review the touch points of the sales interaction, as well as the steps of the sales talk.

We will look at the complete process how leads are generated with the help of marketing campaigns, predominantly online through social media and when the field salesforce contacts the customer and meets personally.

Also, during the personal meeting, we will define how to discover the need of the customer and configure the product and when to offer increased deductible or bundle discounts, before moving into discounts and closing the deal.

In cooperation with marketing, we will structure a concise training process where every agent will share the same message and use the right digital tools at the right moment. We will also introduce an ambitious sales targeting system and design an incentive plan to maximize agent’s motivation.

Sales Force training on Innovation Launches

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