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Friday, 15 October 2021 06:57


Retail in the future will be more technology driven. The ideal place for new products and brands. Omnichannel and dynamic pricing will be the first areas to excel. 

The retail industry is going through a fundamental transformation process. Mobile apps and designated fashion platforms allow for following new trends, comparing and purchasing.

Fashion, however, is different than electronics. Consumers look first online and them go in a store to try the fabric see the actual colors and try the product on. In electronics is exactly the other way around: they see the product they like and then go online to get the best deal.

In any case, the role of retailing for new product introduction and new brands will remain important. Customers entering a shop should be identified and personalized recommendations be made. For that, analytics will be paramount.  Omnichannel approach will provide a clearer customer journey.

Pricing will also be adjusted in a dynamic way to allow for the ideal balance of customer satisfaction and retailer's profit maximization. 

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