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 "Our Mission
is to increase Revenue
through Sales Excellence,
empowering our clients to
achieve significant and sustainable

Digital Transformation

It is beyond technology implementation; it is about first hand, proven experience in evolving existing sales force processes, as well as inventing totally new sales models.

The decade started with an unprecedented support of digital channels and sales models due to Covid. Digitization became the objective of every company.

We consider two separate paths to win the 20s:
One has to do with the evolution of the core Sales processes. Obvious things like e-enabled salesforce and launch of e-shop as an additional way to reach customers. But also adaptations of customer touch points, where inside sales forces more often contact customers while face2face meetings with the field forces are reduced.
These seemingly obvious projects hide a lot of dangers. For example, how can you ensure that the e-shop works seamlessly and is adopted by your field sales force?
When you shift resources to inside salesforce, how do you redesign your incentives to be based on team effort?

The other has to do with more radical inventions, with introduction of revolutions.
Direct2Consumer (D2C) sales models is what most companies strive for. That gives them access to customer data which will be the gold to the future. In that way they also bypass classic retailers.

But the value proposition has to be clearly defined and in full alignment with a vision and the operating model. NextInSales® can help with the portfolio definition, the offer strategy, the revenue model (price per product or subscription).
Capabilities like pricing or decisions like what to keep in the house or outsource are also crucial.

All the performance indicators for D2C are also different to those of the classic business. We can help you design the levers which include Consumer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Consumer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

Since every company is found at the different starting point, we can help you choose the most effective and efficient approach.
This is an investment in your company's future and a way to advance on leaps and bounds!

In either of the paths, we apply a 10 weeks’ sprint where we move from visioning to detail and validation and we hand over a project ready for implementation.
Let us show you what we can do for your company!
You can reach Manolis Lekkas at +30 6936616118 or +49 1775002727