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Distributors/3rd Parties

The way for fast, low investment expansion. Especially internationally. We can enrich personal relationships with professional systems, processes, and tools to get the maximum of partners' performance.

As competition intensifies, companies need to decide in which markets to operate with strong direct presence. In parallel, innovations need to reach the maximum of markets, as fast as possible, in order to amortize the R&D investments, marketing, branding and production.
Especially for emerging markets, it seems inevitable not to work with third parties. Distributors are the key channel to reach traditional trade points of sales with small drop size. There, local players outperform multinationals by 25-35 % because they serve these customers more effectively. They know better market peculiarities, like product positioning, tax, legislation, and conusmer preferences and have developed a cost-to-serve structure which is 30-60% of a multinatonal.

NextInSales® has unparallel experience in working with distributors, from both sides, as principal and distributor, in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

We can help you assess your ability to win so you can prioritize your efforts, define the criteria to choose a distributor, the process of negotiating with a potential partner, the tools to agree on plans and follow up on their implementation, to the proceeding of changing a partner.

We understand the change of mindset needed to work with distributors, versus working with own organizations. The need to provide programs and tools to help them develop their capabilities and become strategic partners. Multinationals which strategically aligned with distributors grew 25-60% above the market!

Having negotiated multimillion Euros of contract agreements and termination payments, we know the details which will make a difference and the way to achieve change in the most effective way. For principals and distributors.

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