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 "Our Mission
is to increase Revenue
through Sales Excellence,
empowering our clients to
achieve significant and sustainable

Sales Excellence

Sales has become more sophisticated and technical, more strategic, more insights and data driven, beyond good personal connections. There, we provide, solid, world class practices.

We act as your internal, world class Sales Excellence department, and we provide the Procedures and Tools, suitable to your industry and your company, aimed at a systematic sales steering, dedicated to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales force.

Strategic planning of the Sales Force, i.e. number and type of sales executives and technicians, optimal resource allocation and area alignment, resources to be allocated between in-the-field and the back-office, connect distinctive business needs to serve customers with the corresponding sales skills

Sales Efficiency and Performance Optimization i.e. which KPIs to be followed, Customer Management, Data Analysis and Reports, Remuneration and Incentives aligned with company goals and sales strategy

Functional alignment within the organization: Ensure that at the very least, Sales, Marketing and Technical Support operate seamlessly. Extend the reach to Procurement, Supply chain and Finance and Controlling to ensure maximum Return on Sales (ROS).

Share your greatest challenge in sales and we are confident we can solve it!
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