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Friday, 15 October 2021 06:57


Innovation is the lifeblood of these industries. We can reveal the hidden value throughout the Sales value chain: from effective sales training to target setting and incentives.

Growing consumer segments, like Generation Z, connect in new ways (just see the D2C wave of new players who challenge established companies), while operations are fueled by technology, like Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.
Outsourced production, e-commerce and cheap digital media allow newcomers bypass retail stores and new brands which are authentic, purpose driven and local, gain market share.
Here are two areas where NextInSales® can help your Sales function:

Channel Management
Consumers, shoppers and retailers have significantly changed their habits. Companies need to review and improve, for each of the chosen channels to operate, the combination of assortment/ pricing/ promotions/ trade terms, if they want to continue growing, while protecting their profitability.

NextInSales® Go-To-Revenue Framework provides a holistic approach to Revenue Management. Its core is the Revenue Growth Model which provides a structured approach to the questions of where to grow, what value to deliver, how to deliver it and how to make the changes stick.

Revenue Growth Model enFor each channel, it is crucial to build the necessary capabilities. We can help:
a) define the appropriate channel strategy as part of the Route To Market Model
b) select the product/service segments to focus
c) articulate the compelling value propositions for each channel and partner,
d) assemble the programs (including promotions) to translate the value propositions and fuel growth, and achieve price realization
e) redesign the trade terms to maximize on and off-line channels with minimum conflict, while redirecting funds in the engines which support strong and sustainable relationships with consumers and retailers and
f) align on the methods and tools to monitor partners’ capabilities and performance.
If your organization is deep in the daily operations, it is time to take a breath and focus on the strategic. Stretching the existing systems further does not help any more. A well designed, drastic way forward in needed. In such a formidable but essential step forward, we can help!

Distributor Operating Model
As competition intensifies and companies need to decide in which markets to operate with strong direct presence, while innovations need to reach as many markets as possible, it seems inevitable not to work with third parties. Especially distributors are the key channel to reach developing markets where distance and wide spread of customers make it extremely expensive to operate directly.
NextInSales® has unparallel experience in working with distributors, from both sides, as principal and distributor, in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.Distributors 3rd Parties en

We can help you define the criteria to choose a distributor, the process to evaluate the landscape of a market and align on your ability to win, the process of negotiating with a potential partner, the tools to agree on plans and follow up their implementation, to the proceeding in changing a partner.

Having negotiated multimillion Euros of termination payments, we know the details which will make a difference and the way to achieve change in the most effective way. For principals and distributors.

Contact Manolis Lekkas at +49 1775002727 or +30 6936616118 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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